Upstox Coupon Codes 2024 (New User Promo Codes)

No need to hunt for Upstox promo codes anymore!  Here is the coupon codes for new user of

Are you looking for a platform that allows you to open a Free Demat account online? Need a platform that allows you to open a Demat account without any papers? Then Upstox is your need! Are you searching for Upstox coupon Code? Please scroll down to know more about the Upstox and to grab your discount code.

Upstox is one of the best platforms for trading out in the market. The platform gives first priority to their customers. Upstox has more than 2 million users so you can trust them and try them for sure.

Top Most Upstox Coupons and Offer Codes

Free Delivery Forever (Most Popular)

Enjoy the free delivery on your intraday orders. No any coupons needed.

2TAZC3 or START (New User Discount)

Register a new account, and claim up to 20% discount on your first order.

JL7331 or HB5004 (Referral Rewards)

Signup with these referral codes to get free rewards. You must deposit to claim your bonuses.

Upstox: Open your First Demat Account in No Time!

Firstly, Upstox is a trading brokerage platform, you can open a Demat account with Upstox and start trading with them. They have exciting features like Zero fee on Demat account opening and paper-less Demat account opening.

Secondly, The Upstox has made opening a Demat account easy, just you have to be 18 plus to start trading. Thirdly, it is trusted by more than 2 million people, then why are thinking to join the Upstox community and start trading.

The Upstox has lots of features for opening a Demat account with them, You can use our Upstox Promo Code to avail yourself of more discounts.

Amazing Upstox Features:

Cross-Platform Trading:

The Upstox is available on all devices that you use. You can trade with any platform that you like with the same account. You have to just log in with your personal credentials on the website or other platforms like applications, to use it on various platforms.

Free and Paperless Upstox Demat Account:

I think the major advantage of the Upstox is, it allows you to open a Free Demat account with them. But other platforms in the market have some fees for opening a Demat account. They also allow you to open a Free Demat account if you don’t have any documents through their paperless Demat Account feature.

Zero Brokerage:

Only a few trading platforms are allowing their users to trade with zero brokerage, Upstox is one of them. Upstox is the best customer-oriented trading platform, which gives customers the first priority. So that the Upstox has more than 2 million users till now.

Partnered platforms:

The Up stock has partnered with various platforms to make the customer more convenient and make their work easier.


The Dartstock software makes your trading easier and smarter. The Dartstock software helps you in identifying the right opportunity to invest and they also have graphic charts, dashboard, and trade indicators to help your trade. The Dartstock analyses each stock and gives price alerts, So that you can increase your productivity.

NEST Desktop:

NEST is another platform that is partnered with Upstox. The NEST has lots of features in it they are, Customizable interface, Low latency, and enterprise-level stability, Multi-Monitor support, Advanced Charting, Advanced Order Types, and Mouse and keyboard friendly. You can download the NEST Desktop file from the Upstox website.

For more features and details about Upstox coupons and discount codes you can check out their official website.

Upstox Promo Codes and Discounts

Available coupon codes: 3

Average discount: 15% off

Last Updated: 4 Days Ago

Plans and Pricing:

The Upstox has nothing like pricing but it has a small percentage for their free delivery trades. It takes 0.05% for single trade which is Rs.20. It is very low when compared with other platforms in the market. They allow you Free equity delivery trades & upto 5x margins for intraday/CO/OCO orders.

They also have a brokerage calculator and Margin calculator which makes your work easier. You can also use our Upstox Promo Code to earn more discounts. For additional information please visit their official website.

3 Upstox FAQs by 23PromoCodes

What is the Pricing of Upstox?

The Upstox does not have any pricing, opening a Demat account is free with Upstox. They charge 0.05% for each trade you do. It is very low when compared with other platforms.

Can I get Upstox discounts to product collections?

You can apply collection Upstox coupon codes in two ways: either as a fixed monetary amount applied once per order to every applicable item in a cart, or as a percentage discount applied to an entire collection.

 Can I apply a Upstox coupon code to the purchase of a gift card?

It depends on the company. Most discount coupons cannot be applied to gift cards. The exception is a product-specific Upstox discount where the product is a gift card.

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