Star Citizen Coupon Codes 2024 – Free Referral Hack

Star Citizen is the massively multiplayer space trading and galaxy combat game available for Windows and Linux. Star Citizen was initially released 2017 by Cloud Imperium Games and Chris Roberts. It is developed on Amazon Lumberyard platform and aims to combine multiple game genres like as flight, space, virtual world, trading and first person shooter. Wide range of modules are available to play that includes Arena Commander, Star Marine, Area18, Hangar, Persistent Universe etc.

Top rated Star Citizen Coupons and Free Referral Codes

PAXEAST2017 – This free fly code will give you access to Sabre fighter. Valid for current month only.

STAR-L6Q2-2394 – Head up and use this code to get 5000 UEC for FREE.

WARBONDS – Copy and paste the voucher code to get discounted concept ship.

STAR-SBZM-GXRB – Use this code to create your Roberts Space Industries account which is the key part to get into RSI community and SC itself.

Anniversary Sale – Every year during the anniversary sale they offer discounted starter package. You can purchase starter pack for as low as $25. This is the best time to enroll for their various gaming package as you could save up to 40% off the retail price.

BUYWARBONDS – It is the code available for existing subscribers, concierge level backers and citizencon ticket holder. Purchase Polaris during the pre-sale event and get up to $125 discount. There is another discounted package that is Super Hornet.

SHARETHELOVE or WELCOME2SC or GAMESCOM2016 – Validity of these codes are not known. You can apply of these coupon vouchers to activate Free fly event offer.

STAR-GJZS-X2JG or STAR-MLC3-34W9 – Both referral codes are valid for 5000 UEC in-game credit worth $5.00. Valid for new users only.

Free Fly Weeks – RSI often host free fly event and you can easily identify that by checking Orange or Green color message on top of the website. During that event, you can create an account and fly for FREE. CIG also provide $5 off voucher for new account holder during free fly weeks. You need to enter your free fly code at the time of opening the game for very first time.

What is Star Citizen Referral Code Hack?

The referral code is available for new gamer. It is alphanumeric code that you can find from existing user to create an account with extra perks. Referee member gets 5000 UEC on registration.

The Prospector concept sale is best known for limited edition code. However it is difficult to get such secret code as you need to pay attention towards their website and social media page for same.

There are some Star Citizen hack that you can use to generate free codes without any restriction.

How to Find Star Citizen Coupon Codes?

The promo codes are available in reddit and gaming community where you need to trade the code with others. You can also apply referral code get up to $5 worth of gaming credit. Alternatively, you can check this page to find working special offers and coupons. If you want to play Star Citizen for free then try it on weekend and during special promotion. Gamers can try huge numbers of ships for free during free fly event.

Warbonds is the new kind of discount codes introduced by CIG. It is valid only when you use cash. You can try that to purchase new concept ships.

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