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What is Counter Blox Roblox Offensive?

The Counter Blox Roblox Offensive is an fps shooting game and a plus is it was a multiplayer game. You can play it with your team of friends. There will be two groups one is Terrorist and the other will be counter-terrorist. The terrorist will plant the bomb and kill the counter-terrorist. The Counterterrorist should diffuse the bomb and also should kill the terrorist. Both the teams should do this all in 2 minutes’ time.

Why choose Counter Blox Twitter Codes Generator?

The Graphics and the player movements were so awesome. This was an fps game, it seems to be more realistic. The Shooting games will be definitely interesting, this was much more interesting. The avatar was also different, like robots but regularly in the shooting games, it will be normal humans avatars. I will recommend this game to every gamer who loves to play shooting games.

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Interesting GamePlay:

As the Counter Blox Roblox offensive is based on the game CS: GO, This game made interesting with two modes Host Rescue, Bomb Defusal.

The gameplay of Terrorist and Counter-Terrorist:

The game structure of terrorists will be like, The terrorist should do what a real terrorist will do.

Bomb Defusal:

The terrorist should kill the opposite team, that is counter-terrorists and they should plant the bomb. The terrorist cannot win the game without planting the bomb. The Counterterrorist should kill the terrorist and defuse the bomb.  The who plants/defuses the bomb or one who gets the most kills will get an MVP(Most Valuable Player). The MVP will get more money, with that money you buy the most powerful guns.

Host Rescue:

The Host Rescue is an objective to counter terrorist, terrorist should kill that host who will be rescued by the counter-terrorist. If a terrorist killed the host, the game will be won by terrorists.

Terrorists should kill counter-terrorist too. The Counter-terrorist should kill the terrorist and rescue the host from the terrorist. If this is done, the game will be won by a Counter-terrorist.

Counter Blox Codes and Roblox Offensive Twitter Promos

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In-Game items Pricing

There are various guns and knives in the game. The cost depends on the rarity and demand. The price is subjected to market change and changes according to the market value.

The guns are namely Ak-47, AWP, AUG, Desert Eagle, Famas, M4, MAG7, P250, SG, Scout, UMP, USP, XM, and more.

There are lots of knives too and they are, Gut knives, Huntsman knives, Falchion knives, Bayonet knives, Butterfly knives, Karambit knives, and more. They also have gloves in their accessories.

Let see some pricing of the guns,

1.) AK-47 Mean Green: Normal/ Hacks 14000 / 2700 / Red.

2.) AK-47 Eve: amazing / r20000-40000hacks / 4000 / pink

Hallows: High / r25000-50000hacks / 5000 / retired

A47 Goddess: High/r400000-450000hacks /32500/ red

Let see some pricing of the knives,

Huntsman Knife Honorfade: Normal / d6000 / v745 / Purple

Falchion Knife Hallows: High/ 65000-145000/ v17000 / Gold

Gut Knife Consumed:Normal/ d5000/ v2000/ Blue.

3 Counter Blox FAQs by 23PromoCodes

What can i expect from the game – Counter Blox Roblox Offensive?

You can expect a  thrilling game play with your friends.

Can customers use multiple Counter Blox Twitter codes on a single order?

The Counter Blox twitter codes don’t stack. If you have a 10% off discount, they can’t also use a “free shipping” coupon. Only one discount at a time can apply to a single order.

Can I limit Counter Blox Roblox Offensive promo code usage?

You can limit promo codes to one per customer in the Usage limits section on the Add discount page at Counter Blox Roblox Offensive game page.

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