Uber Driver Invite Codes 2024 + Free $500 Signup Bonus for New Drivers

Signup with invite codes to become a Uber Driver and earn free bonus! Uber Driver is the platform that helps you to earn money by driving people around your city. Signup at Uber Driver platform by completing few easy steps to be your own boss. Uber.com is the leading cab company that connects rider with cab owners. It is available for more than 60 countries and thousands of cities including London, New York City, Mexico, San Francisco, Mumbai, Delhi, Los Angeles, Paris and more.

Top Uber Driver Promo Codes and $500 Invite Bonus

$500 Bonus – Follow the link and signup to get $500 bonus after you complete 20 trips.

$100 Bonus – Are you new to them? Head up and create your driver account to get $100 bonus once you make 1 trip.

$700 Credits – It is another voucher code that you can apply to get up to $700 bonus a new driver signup. In order to claim the bonus you need to make certain rides in given time period.

Earn Up to 70% More! – Signup now to become a certified Uber.com driver and be your own boss. You can earn up to 70% more than driving job. No any special requirement needed. You can withdraw your bonus credit once you make 5 plus rides.

How to Get a Uber Driver Referral Bonus?

In order to get the referral bonus you need to sign up for Uber Driver service. Below are the complete requirement to claim your bonus credit.

  • Driver have to enter valid referral code at the time of signup. One should be new driver who have never worked with them.
  • You need to make given amount of rides within 30 days time period.

You are not allowed to use Uber driver referral code after completing signup process. An user can signup as Uberx, UberSelect, UberBlack, UberTaxi and UberAccess based on their car. Once you are fully qualify for all the requirement you can contact their support to claim the bonus.

Registration is simple 3 step process.

  • Sign up online by telling about yourself, your car and coupon code of your referral.
  • Provide the copy of all the required documents including Driving License, vehicle registration, insurance and vehicle permit. Make sure that your private car is converted into commercial car.
  • Last steps is to activate your account. In order to do so you have to bring your car to local Greenlight hub. Sign up to find your nearest Greenlight hub.

Why to Use Uber Driver Invite Codes?

Who doesn’t like free bonus? An invite code is the medium to get up to $1150 free bonus on the top of your monthly ride earning. Moreover, Using coupon won’t affect your account at all. You will be treated as normal Uber driver and will have equal chance to find and make rides. Each Uber user have their own referral code that they can use to attract new users. Apart from all these, Uber also gives you discount voucher if you want to buy new car. If you can’t afford to buy a car then you can try car rental service partnered with Uber.com.


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  1. Just so you know.. Uber will screw you over on referral bonuses of a large amount. I used the prgey code and they said yes i see that you are to receive 575 dollars after 150 rides and now im at 498 rides and they said that there was never a code on my account. I had called and escalated it two different times and they kept saying yes we will get this fixed for you… Well.. Today they said they will not be giving me any bones. So my truck which is my job because i drive for uber full time is going to be repoed in a week and i have a wife and 4 daughters i provide for and because of uber im now going to loose my truck which means i loose my job obviously and our transportation to get them to school and go get groceries.. Ultimately I will probably be evicted too. They acted like that was not their problem. Didnt even try to make it right.. Where is their integrity or humanity or atleast empathy. I pitty and pray for their souls while my heart breaks just thinking about how i will not be able to provide for my family now because of the greed and heartlessness of the people running uber.. I hope you all will take this to heart. Uber is not a good company to work for.

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