USMLE Rx Discount Codes 2017 – Save 50% Off

USMLE Rx is the online education company ( website at that offers various kind products and test banks to crack your medical examination. It is one of the best source for all kind of news and errata for all the edition of First Aid series. Every year, thousands of students use their products to rose their grades and rank.

Top rated USMLE Rx Coupons and Codes

UNDQMAX2 – Use the code to get 12 months Step 2 Qmax for $149.00 only. It is one of their best deal, so you shouldn’t missed it. if you don’t plan to start your subscription now then you should buy it and optin for later date too.

PONCEQMAX2 – It will let you buy Qbank Step 2 for 6 months for $119.00 only. Valid for new purchase only, Some restriction may applies.

PSOM2FF1 – Copy and paste the voucher code for 6 months Step 1 Flash Facts at $59.

PSOM2QMAX1 – It is 6 months code and Step 1 Qmax cost you $99. Cannot be combine with any other purchase.

Awesome deal: Get 18 months of First Aid Step 1 Flash Facts for $99 only. Pricing as low as $0.41 per day. You can also extend your active subscription by spending more, if you need more time. It contain more than 9000 flash cards and 3500 case based card to nail First Aid content faster

PSOM2TRIP – For a limited time only! Get Step1 Triple Play for $169 for 6 months. Valid once per user per account.

First Aid Step 1 Triple Play Bundle – You can purchase their Triple Play Bundle starting at $1.10 per day which contain power of three Usmle products including Step 1 Qmax testbank, First Aid Step 1 Flash Facts and Step 1 Express Video.

AUCQMAX1 – Not sure about validity of the offer code, but you can try it to get 50% discount on one full year Qmax subscription. So instead of $199 you will ended up spending just $99 for entire year. You can try “LEBQMAX1” which will save $100 on 6 months subscription.

USMLE Rx offers the subscription based product created by reputed First Aid authors. Some of their popular products are Qmax, CK QMax, Express Video, flash Facts and Triple Play bundle. If you want to crack your medical exam then you should definitely buy their subscription available monthly, 3 mo , 6 months, 1 year and even for 18 months.

With the help of discount codes you can buy their membership and activate it at your convenience. You will get easy to follow guideline and video case based card to clear your exam.

USMLE-Rx is offers affordable solution for the student, however you are always welcome to use USMLE Rx Coupon Codes to get some discount on their subscription. Company often release 20% to upto 60% off deal and you should not miss it.

In order to apply such coupons, you just need to login to your account and then add your choice of product in your cart and click on Subscribe button. Then at checkout page enter the promo code to get discounted subscription. you need to make sure that your product is qualified for that deal and you are not combining that with any other offers.

35 thoughts on “USMLE Rx Discount Codes 2017 – Save 50% Off”

  1. UTH30QMAX3 — 6 month Step 3 Qmax for $119.
    UTH30QMAX2 — 6 month Step 2 Qmax for $119.
    UTH30FF1 — 6 month Step 1 Flash Facts for $59.
    UTH30EX1 — 6 month Step 1 Express for $119.
    UTH30QMAX1 — 6 month Step 1 Qmax for $119.

    These are good thru midnight EST of July 12, 2016

  2. USMLERx QMax and Triple Play Bundles for Step 1 and Step 2 Prep! Prepare for your boards with material made by the creators of First Aid. For more information, please visit

    12 month Step 1 Qmax for $179
    CODE: LEB30QMAX112

    12 month Step 1 Triple Play Bundle for $239

    12 month Step 2 CK Qmax for $149
    CODE: LEB30QMAX212

    There is a special area on the invoice that will ask about any promotional codes available. Be sure you enter the code exactly as above.

    This code is active until 8/1/16 at 23:59, no exceptions.

    1. 45% off Triple Play Bundle, 12 month subscription promo code: ROSSSP2TRIP112 Code is active: 11/7/16 to 11/13/16
      Brings price from 399.00 to 219.00

  3. There’s a 35% discount code for the 12 month USMLE-Rx Qmax that expires soon! It’s an unannounced flash sale for students: S2SMUAN38QMAX112M

    *12-month Step 1 Qmax subscription: $129 — Use promo code*: S2SMUAN38QMAX112M– active from 9/12/17 to 9/18/17. Make sure to select 12 month Qmax for the coupon to apply.

    NOTE: To use this coupon code, students will need to select the “HAVE A COUPON?” link in their cart to enter the promo code.

    “We will not be able to apply the discount code once the transaction has been processed, so make sure to let everyone know they can only get this deal by entering the code.”

    You can purchase now and suspend for up to 6 months to start at a later date to take advantage of the offer.

    This includes videos, their Qbank with details outlined from First Aid and their flashcards that correlate with each page of First Aid so you can study specific topics. Remember, it expires Monday for USMLE Rx

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