Italist Coupon Codes 2018 (Free Shipping)

Italist; as name implies is the, leading online Italian fashion boutiques for women and men. is the Beverly Hills based eCommerce marketplace where you can find branded and designer Italian products. It started with the aim to gives you an opportunity to buy your favorite Italian brand item at discounted price than traditional luxury retailers.

Top rated Italist Coupons and Codes

Unfortunately, Right now we don’t have any working promo code for Italist. I suggest to visit their social media pages, official site and blog to find if any.

Why should you buy from Italist?

If you love luxury Italian fashion and big brands, but can’t afford to buy it from local retailer or if you can’t even find any good place to get it. Then you should immediately register your free account at Italist.

They are online marketplace that feature thousands of items from big Italian brands. They offer 100% authentic item at highly competitive price. Good thing is that you can reduce your spending farther by entering the discount codes given here. You just need to make sure to place an order of qualified items.

Do you like stylish and designer bags? You could the first of your friends to own Falabella or Stella McCartney bags. Fortunately, you won’t have to spend huge for that. You can get it at discount price. Browse from leading brands like Marcelo Burlon, Saint Laurent and many more. Make your summer colorful.

During the entire weekend you can shop from seasonal sale to save huge. Buy Tanki, top, t-shirt, shorts, trouser, long dress, cusio pant, and much more at up to 30% off the regular price.

They offer easy return option and you can ask for refund or exchange within 10 days from the date of pickup. Their staff is supportive and humble, so don’t hesitate to contact them anytime.

Fact about Italist Coupon Codes

In order to get working promo codes, special offers and deals, you need to register your email address with them. They often send promotional emails to all their subscribers and you would be the first to know about newly added items and ongoing sale if any.

Before applying any code, you should first read their advertisement related to that offer. Sometime you can’t combine two codes or one with the sale. Each of their discount coupon comes with expiry date, so you need to make sure that you are using it correctly. If you get any error then please read it carefully to fix checkout time issues.


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  1. I want to buy a Stella McCartney bag from there, and would love to have some kind of promo code or discount code.

  2. first time buyer and shocked at shipping cost of $45! Can you send me a code that will work? Thanks! Spending $295 on Mou boots

      1. Can i get discount on shipping as customes and shipping are a total of 301 euro .. shipping alone is 200 euros , i am from dubai and i am spending over 1000 euros but its way to expensive to deliver

    1. First time to shopping at Italist and shocked at shipping cost of €46.75. Can I have Free Shipping Code to Hong Kong. I am spending €636 for Proenza Schouler bag.

  3. First time shopper as well, the shipping fee is intimidating! May I have the promo code to reduce the shipping fee? Thanks!

  4. I want to purchase a pair of MOU boots. Any chance for a free shipping code? $45 shipping offsets the discount – I can buy for the same total price in the US!

  5. Very good price Jimmy Choo Sandals, but shipping 27 €!!! Oh, no. I will take it, but free shipping code to Czech republic needed. Many thanks.

  6. I am new customer shopping at Italist. First time trying to buy here.

    Can I get any promo code for shipping? to US. Its costing me $36.63..

    I’m spending $350 for the Valentino sneakers.

    Thank you.

  7. Abt to purchase but shipping fee makes the other sellers for the item competitive – is there a code for free shipping to Usa ?

  8. I’m new to Italist and have order pending for boots (UGG), to be shipped within continental US. Shipping quoted is $45.46. Is there a free shipping code I can use? Thanks!

  9. Was going purchase but shipping fee makes the other sellers for the item competitive – is there a code for free shipping to Usa ?

  10. Ready to make a $500+ shoe purchase but the shipping fee stops me. Could you send me a code for free shipping please?

  11. Can I please get a code for free shipping to the Netherlands?

    I’d gladly appreciate it. Will spend 450 euros


  12. i want to buy 4 sneakers and a sweater, shipping costs more then 190 usd, appreciate your help.. please send me free shipping code.. thanks again

  13. I’m buying a couple pairs of commons, I’m a first time user, and it’s my 26th bday. Can I please get free shipping to the USA?

  14. first time buyer, any free shipping code to hk? if no, any discount code? thanks! i have subscribed their site, but seems no special offer so far.

  15. Its my first time using italist. I want to purchase a Givenchy shirt for my birthday. Can i get a promo code for free shipping to the US please 🙂 Thank you!

  16. Ready to make a €600 purchase but the shipping fee stops me. Could you send me a code for free shipping please?

  17. Ready to make a €461 purchase but the shipping fee stops me. Could you send me a code for free shipping to Taiwan please?

  18. I would be very grateful if I can have a code for free shipping to Canada or extra discount on sale items. I have been eyeing this item for so long…

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